Appreciating HandCrafted Books

Time-honored craftmanship isn't easy to find in today's speedy world. Slowing down and employing appreciation for that lost world is part of my desired affect in producing BAT books and artwork. If they speak of worldwide issues of family life, animal conservation, decency and discipline in our ever-changing environment, so much the better. 

Introducing Unique HandCrafted Books

If you still enjoy holding a good book in your hands and taking your time with it, rather than reading one on your computer, or other devices, you're in my comfort zone. However, the Internet provides a unique opportunity to share an author's written material. In that light, my stories, excerpt chapters, and more are readily available on the Web through my many WordPress blog sites. 

For me, writing is a joy I prefer to always cherish and share as the opportunities arise. 

In addition, I create artwork for my books that is based in geometric background designs and in disconnected patterns that fit my storylines. Photo copies of those designs are embedded in my Handcrafted Books.

My own story-appropriate photographs may also enhance my volumes.  

Take your time and browse through this Website to find what tickles your fancy. Click the links to find my work elsewhere on the Internet, particularly at WordPress.   

Fans and InterlockED

Part 1 -- A NIAN -- Fans

I grew up on a farm, and playing basketball in an old hayloft with my Dad and two brothers was in large part an experience that led to my sports writing. "Fans", chapters of which can be found at the above link, "Fans and Gamers", includes a story of a star basketball player grievously injured who tries to reconnect with his young son. Also see this Website's "Contact" page for other story links information on my Novels In A Nutshell.

Part 2 -- A Short Story -- Interlock

Collaborating with a number of other writers through Amazon's bestselling author Dan Alatorre, I submitted "Interlock", a short story, to appear in his scary anthology, "The Box Under the Bed". (To order the Paperback Book, or Kindle Book, view this Website's "About" page.)

My personal writing story appears at: 

You will also find links on many of my 20 WordPress blogs that give "Box Under the Bed"  ordering information.

Part 3 -- Stories -- Factory Tails

Respect for animals is something I grew up to appreciate. At 

my version of working like a dog in a factory setting is told in brief stories at the above link literally through the eyes of many canines. Their struggle to exist under the tyrannical rule of a board of directors that now controls the entire United States during life after humans was conceived after I experienced vast changes in a factory job following a barely successful vote to institute Union rule.

Part 4 -- The Story of BAT Publishing

The story of how I came to be interested in self-publishing is partly told at:  

There you will find more short stories from my prolific pen that rarely has nothing to say on a given day! I consider it a gift to have story ideas forever flowing from my heart and my brain, both of which are so passionately entrenched in the art of storytelling and story art. 

My Novels In A Nutshell are availabe for reading.  Please see this Website's "Contact" page for links to their Internet locations.  


               Writing is the joy of my life. 

My Photography has won awards and been recognized at, the National Geographic Website, and at my local county fair. 


Please view the "About" and "Contact" pages of this Website to learn more about my Novels In A Nutshell. 

 I live and write in Napoleon, Ohio.